Colourbox Recording, owned and operated by Jeff Evans, is a gem. I did most of the guitar and vocal overdubs for my most recent recording “Into The Sun” in his room and found it a relaxed environment where I could get great sounds and enjoy the playback. Highly recommended for this kind of work.
— Robben Ford, Guitarist, songwriter
“Jeff Evans is a delight to work with. I have had the privilege to work with him on many projects and he has always arrived with a great attitude and 
has many hidden talents including being a pretty impressive guitar player. Jeff is also always game to jump up and sing backing vocals! 
I would highly recommend Jeff Evans!”
— Perla Batalla, artist/producer at DBM Artists
“Jeff has the ability to combine his skills in musicianship, engineering, and production to achieve finely crafted professional results. 
Always a pleasure to work with Jeff.”
— Kevin McCormick, Musician, producer, songwriter and founder of Musicians Radio.
“It was a pleasure to work with Jeff. His experience, knowledge and skill in the studio was indispensable. I would not hesitate to work with him again.”
— David J (Bauhaus)
“Jeff is a fine engineer and musician. His great ear and tech skills make a great combo?”
— Kenny Edwards
“Jeff has engineered a number of my recordings. The results I got with him were unparalleled in my experience with other studios and engineers. He brought out the best of my abilities and made suggestions that put beautiful touches - the icing on the cake - on my projects in a number of circumstances. He’s deeply knowledgeable, creative, attuned to his artists, as well as a pleasure to work with.”
— Rebekah Eden, Singer / Owner, Path of Gold
I do need to say that I have had a long journey, and have worked with great music producers and studio engineers along the way.
Most famously perhaps is Butch Vig at his Smart Studios in my former residence of Madison, WI, along with Steve and Doug from Garbage.

Yet, I hold Jeff and his Colourbox Recording studio in the highest esteem so far as attention to detail, efficient work ethic, proper politics, ears, kindness on and on... It is a sincere pleasure to work with Jeff in his relaxing studio environment. Also appreciate Jeff’s use of vintage top-line studio processing gear where appropriate.

Very fair and affordable rates make this a winner!

— Reed Burnham Bassist with Along Violet and Phantasmata
“Jeff is not only a great musician but he is also one of the finest recording engineers that I have had the pleasure to work with. He’s got that musicians ear. I have never felt so relaxed in a recording studio. From start to finish Jeff is there.
— John Welborn, Band Member of Fish Fry
“Jeff has always been a delight to engage in our audio product development. Easy to work with, total integrity about his commitments, producing quality output at a very reasonable price... great stuff. Recommended without reservation.”
— David Allen, Founder, David Allen Company
“Jeff is an excellent recording engineer. He knows his gear and has very good ears. I’m happy to have him on the session.”
— Brad Spurr, Mixing - Production, FOH, Music & Video Sweetening
“Jeff is just great to work with, a mix of easy-going and highly competent that will put your talent totally at ease, and make your audio come out sounding great. If you’re tired of messing around and want to work with a real pro, give Jeff a call.”
— Robert Peake, Consultant